How Do Your Cubies Compare to Your Fresh Food?

Updated 7 months ago by Ruth Stedman

How Do Your Cubies Compare to Your Fresh Food?

Our Whole Food Cubies recipes utilize the same 4 proteins as our Gently Cooked recipes, with the same grain inclusions so people can mix and match without having to worry about their dogs allergies or digestive issues. The beef and pork recipes across both lines are grain free, and the chicken and turkey recipes across both lines are grain friendly.

In addition to the non-gmo veggies and superherbs that you see in the Gently Cooked Fresh line, we also added cranberries to the Cubies. Cranberries are rich with antioxidants and nutrients that help support your pet’s immune system and decrease inflammation, which is why we wanted to include them! Our Whole Food Cubes also use eggs and pork plasma as natural food binders, which are both great sources of protein. These binders give the Cubies their iconic cube shape.

Both the Cubies and Gently Cooked are cooked sous-vide at low temperatures to retain and preserve nutrients. All of our ingredients across all of our recipes are human-grade as well. Super foods for super pups!

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