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How Much Do I Feed My Pup?

View our feeding guidelines below. These recommendations are based on adult maintenance guidelines established by AAFCO.

If I Use It As a Mixer, How Much Do I Feed?

If you want to feed half A Pup Above and half dry food, simply feed half the full portion size of both A Pup Above and dry food each day. If you'll be feeding one quarter A Pup Above and three quarters dry food, feed a quarter of the full portion of A Pup Above and three quarters of the full dry food portion.

How Do I Make the Switch to A Pup Above?

Transitioning your dog's food can take up to a week and in some cases two weeks, especially if your pup has eaten kibble their whole life. Think of it as having eaten rice cakes every day and then suddenly eating a big juicy steak. We highly recommend following our transition guide so your pup's stomach has the appropriate time to adjust his or her stomach to the new food. While it may take some time, it's totally worth it because it's 100% better for their health so they can live long happy lives and avoid pesky vet visits.

Below is the recommended transition guide: 

  • Days 1-2: 75% old food + 25% A Pup Above
  • Days 3-4:  50% old food + 50% A Pup Above
  • Days 5-6: 25% old food + 75% A Pup Above
  • Days 7+: 100% A Pup Above goodness!

Can I Use This Food for a Puppy?

A Pup Above recipes are formulated for adult dogs.

For puppies, A Pup Above is a great topper option that makes even the pickiest of eaters lick their bowl clean. However, puppies should not be fed A Pup Above exclusively. Puppies need extra calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals to support their growth. Generally, once dogs are a year or older, they can transition fully to an adult food. The exception to this is giant breed dogs (>80 pounds) as they can take up to two years to reach full maturity.

Can I switch between recipes once my pup transitions to the food?

Once your pup has been transitioned into A Pup Above, you are able to rotate to different recipes. In fact, we encourage it! A rotational diet is an excellent way to ensure to your pup is receiving a variety of nutrients from his or her diet. 

How long does food stay fresh after being defrosted?

Our food is good in the fridge for 7 days once defrosted and open. Each bag holds individually sealed one pound patties. This allows you to keep the bags in the freezer and just defrost one patty or one pound of food at a time. Since the patties are vacuum sealed, they are good in the fridge for 14 days unopened.

Can I refreeze the food?

It is best to be fed once thawed. If it needs to be re-frozen, ensure this is done quickly after thawing and be sure the product has been kept cold.

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