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What's sous-vide cooking?

Sous-vide is a unique cooking process where nutrients aren't lost to cooking water like with traditional cooking methods. It creates a food that's nutrient rich like raw but safer since it's fully cooked. 

To sous vide cook our food, we mix together our ingredients and portion them into BPA-free packages. We then cook them under non-boiling water for over 2 hours. Once cooked, the meals are cooled and frozen to preserve freshness. 

What are the benefits of sous-vide cooking?

This long-slow cooking process is used by leading chefs around the world because it enhances flavor and cooks food perfectly.

For pups, there are several key benefits to cooking the food this way:

  1. More Flavor: It enhances taste and creates a natural meat gravy pups love.
  2. More Nutrients: It retains nutrients since everything cooks inside of a bag and can't be lost to cooking water.
  3. More Healthy Protein: This unique cooking method allows us on average to pack in 72% more protein than other gently cooked brands. Why does this matter? Because if you're not using protein, you're often using carbs as fillers in food.

Check out our video below to learn more!

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