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What's in A Pup Above?

We use 100% human grade ingredients in all of our recipes. Our meats have no added hormones or antibiotics and our veggies and fruits are Non-GMO. No feed grade ingredients, no preservatives, no thickeners, no gums, no additives. Just fresh, wholesome, real ingredients are used in our meals ✨.

You can see where we source each of our ingredients on Our Food page.

Where is A Pup Above Made?

We cook our whole food recipes at our USDA inspected human grade kitchen. We then test each batch for pathogens (e-coli, listeria, salmonella) to ensure it is safe for your kitchen and your pup.

What does human grade mean?

To be certified as human grade, a pet food must make its food in a USDA inspected human food facility and source only 100% human grade ingredients.

You can find our human grade certification on the bottom front of each of our packages.

Are your fruits and vegetables Non-GMO?

Yep! All of our produce is non-gmo and pesticide free. 

Where can I view your nutrition facts?

On each individual product page or on our packaging.

Do you source any ingredients from China?

No, none of our ingredients are sourced from China. To see where each ingredient is sourced from, visit our lot code feature on on our food page.

Does the food have to be kept frozen?

Yes, the food should be stored in a freezer. To prepare for mealtime, simply defrost the food in the fridge overnight, or in room temperature water for 30 minutes. Use opened, defrosted food within 1 week.

Our products are frozen to preserve freshness and avoid the use of preservatives.

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