How We Formulate Our Recipes

Updated 2 years ago by Ruth Stedman

Are A Pup Above Recipes Complete & Balanced?

All A Pup Above recipes are formulated and reviewed by veterinarian nutritionists to ensure they meet appropriate AAFCO guidelines for complete and balanced nutrition for Adult Maintenance. You can find the AAFCO statement on the side of our packaging for both our fresh food and dry Cubies lines.

How does A Pup Above formulate its recipes?

We’ve carefully worked with a team of veterinarian nutritionists and food scientists to formulate recipes that put the safety and long-term health of our pups first. 

All ingredients are added with purpose to create the best recipes for our pups to thrive. Beyond delivering the critical building blocks of health and nutrition, our recipes are formulated to ensure our pups are energetic, have strong digestive tracts, and love their food.

Can puppies eat A Pup Above?

A Pup Above recipes are formulated for adult maintenance. As a result, the recipes are not meant to be fed exclusively as compete and balanced meals to puppies. Our food can be used as a tasty topper or mixer to a puppy food.

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