How We Give Back to Mama Earth

Updated 2 years ago by Ruth Stedman

Each day, we find new ways to lessen our impact on the planet, from recycling our packaging, to running our fulfillment center on renewable energy, to using ugly produce in our recipes.

Below is a list of what we're doing to make food more sustainable so it's better for humans, pups, and Mama Earth. We believe in progress, not perfection, and are doing what we can each day to make A Pup Above a leader in sustainable pet food.

100% Recyclable Packaging

All of our packaging is fully recyclable. Below is how to recycle each item.

Bags: Through our partnership with Terracycle, all of our bags, including the bags inside our Cubies boxes, are recyclable. Terracycle takes our empty bags and turns them into something new, like backpacks and bike racks. See how to submit your bags to Terracycle, here!

Boxes: Our delivery boxes and Cubies boxes are curbside recyclable 😎

Box Liners: Our box liners are also curbside recyclable!

Picking the Ugly Produce

Ugly produce has the same amount of vitamins and nutrients, so it's beautiful to us. We're always looking for new ways to upcycle other ingredients and materials.

Giving Back to Regenerative Farming

Each year, we donate 1% of revenue to the White Buffalo Land Trust to help fund their flagship farm, which is a living, breathing example of regenerative agriculture and a resource for farmers and ranchers from all over the region. Regenerative farming captures carbon from the atmosphere and restores the health of our soil and water. To learn more, check out the White Buffalo Land Trust website!

Read more about our commitment to Mama Earth by visiting our Mission Page.

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