How should I make the switch to A Pup Above?

Transitioning your dog's food can take up to a week and in some cases two weeks, especially if your pup has eaten kibble their whole life. Think of it as having eaten rice cakes every day and then suddenly eating a big juicy steak. We highly recommend following our transition guide so your pup's stomach has the appropriate time to adjust his or her stomach to the new food. While it may take some time, it's totally worth it because it's 100% better for their health so they can live long happy lives and avoid pesky vet visits.

Below is the recommended transition guide: 

  • Days 1-2: 75% old food + 25% A Pup Above
  • Days 3-4:  50% old food + 50% A Pup Above
  • Days 5-6: 25% old food + 75% A Pup Above
  • Days 7+: 100% A Pup Above goodness!
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